About Us

Michael Kessissoglou – the owner of Trizone Fitness has dedicated the past 24 years to the fitness industry and seen many changes since he started out as a gym instructor at a city fitness centre back in 1992. Since then he has gone on to work in what was the largest fitness chain in WA at the time working his way up from a gym floor instructor to a personal trainer (PT), membership consultant and then going out on his own in 1996 to running his own PT business from a fitness club in Claremont. Then is 1999, Michael and his partner Claire (now wife – and 2 amazing kids later) took the plunge and opened the largest club in the Western suburbs which is still operation today….and thriving. Since then he has started another 4 clubs each building from his experience and knowledge from the past…….but he wasn’t satisfied.

Trizone Fitness came about based on what he discovered along the way: the need to overhaul the ‘traditional’ (and possibly outdated?) fitness models and focus on an engaging, results-driven approach.

Trizone Fitness is specifically designed to meet the current fitness demands and trends and thus become more relevant in the public’s mind. It plans to respond to the changing lifestyles and individual needs, to take group training to the next level: building a sense of community and overall wellbeing. This is the model for today and the future.

Michael became increasingly frustrated that the traditional ‘big box’ gyms were not modelled on customer needs, where the lack of support and service added to the ever-increasing churn of members who expected results but were left empty-handed and dissatisfied.

Having been guilty of being a part of and owning these types of clubs, it came to a point where he grew tired of the ‘one model fits all’ approach and he was no longer satisfied with offering this anymore; where the big gym wants your long-term membership without providing the value you deserve. There had to be a better way! If Michael was going to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of the community he had to get out of this outdated fitness model that he was using at his current club….and that’s exactly what he did…..and Trizone Fitness was born!